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Fantastic Fingerprints!

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I have often heard customers say how they wish they had had their children's fingerprints taken when they were babies as they look at my fingerprint jewellery with wishful eyes.... ''Oh no'' I tell them, it's much better to wait until the child is at least a year old and in fact the older they are the better the unique fine lines of their fingerprint will appear in the silver! I have taken a week old baby's teeny tiny prints into cufflinks for a Father's Day gift before and they were very cute dimples but no visible lines (the customer was happy with this), so I am more than happy to take prints of those little ones under a year old but I would also like to make my customers aware of this! Some of the best prints come from children who are around the age of 4-12 and teenagers prints are great as well! I also like to say that fingerprints are not just for children, don't forget your own parents and grandparents too.

You can see all the wrinkles of 92 years and her nail too!
This was my Grandma's fingerprint before she passed away.

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