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Look after your treasure!

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Your poor jewellery doesn’t half get thrown about, clinging on for dear life, they can after time need a little TLC and a quick check up!

I recommend you check jump rings and clasps for signs of moving apart regularly, if jump rings are not flush then beware!

A gentle nip sideways with flat pliers should do the job (if you’re unsure just ask me).

Secondly, remove your jewellery before you go to bed, as you toss and turn in the night they get squashed and pulled 😞

And lastly, cleaning, if your piece has a patina (dark areas that highlight texture/names) then never put it in silver dip, it will strip it away in an instant! Silver dip is fine for chains however. I recommend specially impregnated silver cloths for keeping your silver beautifully shiny and they will not ruin the patina of your treasure.

(Dizzydollylou has these wonderful little cloths available to purchase in her shop).

Have a lovely day


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